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Dr. Gary Horndeski MD is a board certified plastic surgeon. Get bellesoma treatments by an experienced plastic surgeon. We provide services such as bellesoma breast lift, bellesoma breast reduction, bellesoma breast explant, mommy makeover, and much more! For more information, call us today. We serve patients from Sugar Land TX, Greater Heights TX, River Oaks TX, Midtown TX, Last Downtown TX, and Kashmere Gardens TX.

Plastic Surgery Near Sugar Land TX
Invented by Dr. Horndeski, Bellesoma is an advancement in breast lift, reduction, & explant surgery in decades. Using custom designed computer software and an innovative bio-engineering surgical approach, women no longer have to make the tradeoffs found with conventional surgical methods. With Bellesoma you may receive results that provide:

  • No vertical scars
  • A perky fullness in the upper portion of the breast without implants
  • May alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain that can affect women with large breasts
  • Real lift – not just re-positioning the nipple to give the appearance of lift
  • Results that last!

See the amazing before & after images, read reviews from women around the globe, and review the peer-reviewed science to learn why doctors throughout North America are being trained by Dr. Horndeski in this innovative approach. If you are looking for a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast explant surgery schedule your consultation today with Dr. Gary Horndeski for more information about the Bellesoma method today!