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Bellesoma Breast Explant Surgery in Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Gary Horndeski, M.D. Is an Experienced Doctor in the Removal of Breast Implants. If You Are Having Health Issues That Are Arising Due to Your Breast Implants or Just Simply Want Them Removed, Then It Is Time That You Come See Us at Horndeski M.D. We Are Located in Houston, TX but Treat Patients From All Around the Sugar Land, TX Area. Call Us Today to Schedule Your Consultation.

There are as many reasons for women to undergo a breast explant surgery as there are for them to have breast implants in the first place. Whether you decide you would like to change your appearance, have experienced negative results from the implants themselves, or have simply decided that breast implants no longer suit your lifestyle, Horndeski, M.D. is proud to offer breast explant surgery provided by experienced and highly-trained plastic surgeons at our medical office in Sugar Land, TX.

While many people have heard of breast implant surgery, far fewer are familiar with the intricacies of an explant surgery, during which the original implants are removed from the breasts. A woman can decide to have an explant surgery for many reasons, and most who undergo augmentation never consider the idea that they may need to have the procedure reversed at some point in the future. If that time does come, it is important to understand the procedure and its implications, just as it is imperative to find a certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Gary Horndeski who can provide the exceptional service you need to achieve your goals.

For many women who have undergone a breast augmentation, additional implant revision surgery will be required at some point in the future. This may include removing the original implants to replace them with new ones, repositioning the original implants if necessary, or totally removing the implants without replacing them. For some women, explant surgery might be desirable if the original implants have collapsed, folded, or deflated. Other reasons your plastic surgeon may recommend an explant surgery are because of bleeding or infection, calcium build up, or the development of dead tissue surrounding your original implant.

During a breast explant surgery, you will be placed under anesthesia and incisions will be made over the existing scars from your augmentation in order to reduce the post-operative scarring. For some women who undergo breast explant surgery, they may choose to have a breast lift performed at the same time in order to offset any negative effects from the removal, including stretched or sagging skin. This can be especially helpful for women who are choosing to have the original implants completely removed without replacing them, as it can help maintain a better shape and support for the newly explanted breasts.

The recovery from a breast explant surgery will vary for every person. Most women will be able to return to work and other minimally exertive activities in approximately five days following their procedure. However, the exact recovery time will depend on your particular surgery. You will be required to avoid lifting or exercising for roughly the first six weeks following your surgery. Your new breasts may take a few months to completely settle into their new position.

At Horndeski, M.D., we are proud to offer Bellesoma breast explant surgery for women who are interested in reversing a previous breast augmentation. If you would like to speak with a plastic surgeon about your potential options, please call our office at (281) 903-5470 to schedule your free consultation today.




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