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Bellesoma Breast Lift Surgery in Sugar Land, TX

At Horndeski, M.D. We Treat Patients From All Around the Sugar Land, TX Area. Using the Breast Lift Surgery Method, the Bellesoma Method. The Bellesoma Method Uses a Woman’s Own Breast Tissue to Create a Youthful Appearance. Dr. Gary Horndeski, M.D. Is Dedicated to Helping Create Fuller and Firmer Breasts to Complement Your Natural Body. Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment or Consultation.

Many women find that over time, their breasts lose firmness and change shape. There are many factors that can contribute to sagging or conical shape of the breasts, including natural aging, breast feeding and pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. The breast lift is also known as a mastopexy and can sometimes be daunting because of the scarring it can cause, or because of the breast implants required to create the right shape. However, at Horndeski, M.D., we utilize the Bellesoma Method to provide our patients with beautiful post-operative results they can be proud of without excessive scars or implants.

There are three phases in the Bellesoma breast lifting procedure to correct ptosis (the medical term used to describe sagging breasts). During the first phase, we utilize the patient’s natural breast tissue to create new breast mounds that are then lifted and positioned high up on the chest to create a more youthful appearance. Phase two secures the new breast mounds to the tissue of the chest muscle, which keeps the weight of your breasts away from the skin envelope and delivers long-lasting and comfortable results. During the final phase, sutures are placed under the shadow of the breast and around the areola, which makes scarring less noticeable once patients have healed from their procedure.

There are many benefits to using the Bellesoma Method for breast lifting. It transfers the weight of the breasts away from the neck, back, and shoulders, which provides relief from chronic pain often caused by large breasts. It also utilizes the patient’s own breast tissue to produce upper fullness to counteract the sagging of breasts. For many women, the typical need for breast implants to create the upper fullness most desirable during a breast lifting procedure is a deterrent. That is why we are so proud to offer this unique approach to a breast lifting procedure, so more women can take advantage of the incredible results offered by the Bellesoma Method and enjoy firmer, more youthful-looking breasts.

At Horndeski, M.D., we believe in offering our patients only the most exceptional plastic surgery options, and that includes the Bellesoma Method for breast lifting. This approach to the traditional mastopexy procedure allows for more desirable treatment outcomes that can be achieved without the unsightly vertical scarring often associated with a breast lifting procedure, and without the need to include implants to attain the desired fullness. We understand that our patients want options that suit their unique needs and can help them achieve their individual outcome goals. Our plastic surgeons will take the time to fully understand your individual needs and concerns, so that we can devise a treatment plan that can deliver the exact results you are looking for with minimal scarring.

If you live in or in Sugar Land, TX and are interested in what a Bellesoma breast lifting procedure could do for your appearance and confidence, contact Horndeski M.D. today. We are conveniently located at 14887 Southwest Freeway and can provide exceptional insight into your plastic surgery options, so that you can make informed decisions about your treatment in order to achieve your desired results. Call us today at (281) 903-5470.




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