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Bellesoma Breast Reduction Surgery in Sugar Land, TX

Horndeski, M.D. Uses the Bellesoma Method for Breast Reduction Surgery. Using the Bellesoma Method for Breast Reduction Removes Excess Breast Fat, Glandular Tissue and Skin to Achieve a Breast Size in Proportion With Your Body. Dr. Gary Horndeski M.D. Has Created This Method to Eliminate the Unflattering Vertical Scars and It Also Provides a Youthful, More Perky Shape to the Breast That Is Not Found in Traditional Breast Reduction Techniques. Call to Schedule Your Consultation.

Have you ever considered a breast reduction, but found yourself hesitant because of the most typically utilized methods? At Dr. Gary Horndeski’s plastic surgery practice in Sugar Land, TX, we utilize the Bellesoma Method for breast reduction, which provides improved lift, proportional shape, and relief of pain in the neck, back, and shoulders without unsightly scars, uneven post-operative appearance, or undesirable shape. If you are interested in what the Bellesoma Method could do for you, trust the experienced plastic surgery at our practice to provide all of the information you need to make the right decision for you and your body.

The Bellesoma Method is a multi-step process that helps deliver exceptional results to women who are interested in breast reduction for any reason. Many women choose a breast reduction in order to feel more confident in their appearance, find well-fitting clothing more easily, and much more. At Horndeski, M.D., we believe that every woman should have the ability to achieve the appearance they want without obvious scarring that can hinder their confidence.

The first step of the Bellesoma Method involves removal of excess fat and tissue depending on the unique desires of the patient. Once this is done, we create new breast mounds that are lifted high onto the chest wall, ensuring that the appearance of your breasts is lifted and full following your procedure. The second step secures breast mounds to the muscles of the chest, making them more comfortable. This phase takes the strain away from your neck, back, and shoulders, which is a primary concern of many women who choose to undergo a breast reduction procedure. The third phase of your breast reduction places sutures around the areola and under the breast, which makes any scarring left behind following their removal almost undetectable. Vertical scars left behind by breast reduction surgery can be a thing of the past, thanks to our incredible Bellesoma Method.

Once your surgery is over, your results will be immediately noticeable. The most obvious side effects are post-surgical swelling and obvious incision lines. These should fade over time, leaving the patient with a beautiful result. Our Bellesoma Method allows us to lift and shape the breast by utilizing an internal suspension method that ensures a more attractive post-op appearance. Our breast reduction method also preserves the ability to breastfeed in patients who have undergone the procedure.

If you are interested in what a breast reduction surgery could do for you, contact Horndeski, M.D. today to schedule a consultation. Our experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeons are available to help you regain self-confidence and love the way you look with the exceptional Bellesoma Method for breast reduction that produces beautiful results, reduces chronic pain caused by overlarge breasts, and does so without leaving behind ugly vertical scars. If you live in the Sugar Land, TX area, call us today at (281) 903-5470 and let us help you discover the possibilities of a Bellesoma breast reduction and how it can improve your quality of life.




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