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Breast Augmentation Near Houston, TX

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Breast Augmentation Sugar Land TX Near Houston TX

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is performed to increase the volume (size) of a woman’s breasts. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed today. There are various considerations to make when considering an augmentation. There are different type of implants to choose from, typically silicone or saline, and various options on where the implants could be placed. These decisions should be made in concert with Dr. Horndeski based on your body type and aesthetic goals.

A breast augmentation is generally recommended when a woman is not happy with the appearance of her breasts in a bra or for reconstruction purposes. If you desire to have more size, then an augmentation (potentially with a lift) is recommended.

Unfortunately, we have found instances where women thought they needed to use breast implants to improve breast appearance or restore breast volume after weight reduction or pregnancy. In cases like these, a breast lift might actually be the better option. An implant may appear to look good in the short term, but placing implants in ptotic (sagging) breasts can actually increase the weight of the breasts and exacerbate the ptosis (sagging) over time. Undergoing a breast lift at the outset using The Bellesoma Method™ could likely provide the patient’s desired appearance without the need for implants and help avoid additional surgeries down the road.


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