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Breast Implant Removal (Explant) Doctor in Houston, TX

Talk to Dr Gary Horndeski, MD to See if the Bellesoma Breast Explant Procedure is Right for You. Common Concerns for Breast Explant Surgery are the Post-Operative Shape, Size, Projection, and of Course Visibility of Scars. The Innovative Approach of Bellesoma is a New Option to Consider and May Help Alleviate Some of These Issues. Call Today (281) 903-5470.

Breast Implant Removal (Explant) Doctor in Houston, TX

Have you ever made a decision that you later wish you could reverse? Many women have experienced this feeling regarding their decision to have breast implants. Some women have been pleased with their decision to have breast implants, but now realize that their implants need to be removed. Over time a woman’s breast will begin to sag, and this is even true for those who have had breast implants in the past. How can you improve the appearance of your breasts and leave them looking naturally firm, shapely, and beautiful? Houston’s very own Dr. Gary Horndeski, MD is here to offer his years of experience as plastic surgeons, and breast implant removal doctors. Do you have concerns over the breast implant removal process? If you have concerns, rest assured that you are not alone. That is why Dr. Horndeski has spent years developing a method that has addressed those concerns and is delivering incredible results to patients just like yourself.

What are some common concerns associated with breast implant removal?

Women who are in need of, or are considering, having their breast implants removed (breast explant) have many concerns about the appearance of their breasts after the procedure is finished. Traditional techniques used for implant removal can leave you very self-conscious about the post-operative shape, and projection, of your breasts. One or both of your breasts may be of disproportionate size. With the common traditional breast explant process women are often left with unsightly scarring on and around the breasts. These concerns can cause much anxiety and deliberation as to whether breast implants should be removed. Dr. Horndeski has been successfully giving women like you the opportunity to have their implants removed without the concerns over size, and shape, and embarrassing scarring.

Why are breast implants removed?

There can be a number of reasons why women are choosing to have their breast implants removed. Some women have experienced complications with the implants themselves such as deflation in one or both breasts, capsular contracture, problems with the build-up of calcium, infections, bleeding, or dead tissue that develops around the breast implant. For others, the choice for implant removal could be based on a change in their lifestyle or a newfound desire to have their natural body back. Women who had excessively large implants could be experiencing pain in the neck, back and shoulders, from the sagging of the breasts. If you are considering having your implants removed than why not consider the innovative approach of the Bellesoma Method.

What is the Bellesoma method and associated results?

The Bellesoma method was created and is being used by the breast implant removal doctor in Houston, Texas. Dr. Gary Horndeski has more than three decades of experience in the medical field of plastic surgery. His innovated approach will help you to have natural, firm, fully shaped, breasts without those unsightly vertical scars. Dr. Horndeski will remove your breast implants and then use your natural breast tissue to create breast mounds. Your breasts will have that natural, youthful appearance as he will position your breast mounds high on your chest wall. Next, Dr. Horndeski will secure your breast mounds to your chest muscle, thus ensuring long-lasting results. And then your sutures are placed within the shadow of each breast around the areola. After your post-operative swelling subsides you will be left with maximum projection, desired lift, support, fullness, proper weight proportion, and long-term results that you can feel good about.

If you are experiencing complications resulting from breast implants, or are wanting to have your natural, youthful looking, breasts back, then call the Horndeski M.D. medical team today. Find out if the Bellesoma explant procedure is right for you! Let us alleviate your concerns regarding breast explants, and at the same time give your self-esteem a boost with your own natural breasts. Call us today at (281) 903-5470, and make an appointment for your personal consultation.


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