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Breast Lift Doctor Questions and Answers

Dr. Gary Horndeski MD is the creator of the bellesoma method for breast lift. He is the plastic surgeon to go to in the Houston area. If you are looking for non-traditional techniques for your breast lift, call us.

Breast Lift Doctor Near Me in Sugar Land, TX

Are you one of the many women who are unhappy with the shape and firmness of their breasts? For some, this might be related to the fact that over time your breasts will change in appearance, elasticity, and firmness. Do you find yourself feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts? Is there an option for you to get back those youthful looking companions that your breasts used to be? There absolutely is! If you live in the Houston Texas area than you have a huge advantage because one of the breast lift doctors is located right near you. Dr Gary Horndeski MD is using his years of experience to help women like yourself feel better about themselves and their physical appearance.

Why do some women consider having a breast lift procedure?

If you find yourself feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about your breasts you’re far from alone. Many women have chosen to have a breast lift procedure, also known medically as a mastopexy, because of changes to their breasts from pregnancy, gravity, and/or a fluctuation in weight. During pregnancy, a woman will naturally have fuller and heavier breasts which can cause the ligaments in the breast to stretch and then later results in sagging breasts. Breast-feeding can also be a contributing factor to this. Gravity can cause a woman’s breasts, and skin around the breast, to stretch overtime and then sag. A woman will also notice changes in her breasts and breast skin as a result of fluctuating weight loss and/or weight gain. The sagging of the breasts causes the position of the nipples and darker area around the nipple (areolae) to point down, or the areolae stretches and is not proportioned. It will change the shape of your breasts as they will become longer and flatter instead of round, firm, and supported. Some women choose to have a breast lift procedure because they are experiencing pain in their back and shoulders from the lack of support. Problems in the back and shoulders can especially be common in women who have larger breasts as they are heavier and often begin to sag earlier. If you can relate to any of these concerns regarding your breasts, then a breast lift by the breast lift doctor could be the best thing for you.

What is the advantage of choosing Dr. Horndeski MD and his Bellesoma breast lift method?

Bellesoma is a unique, specialized, method that Dr. Gary Horndeski has developed and found outstanding success with his patients. Bellesoma offers you many advantages over the traditional plastic surgery techniques used in breast lift procedures. Traditional procedures often leave women trying to cover over the visible vertical scars left after a breast lift. Some women are so concerned about the scarring that they have chosen not to have a mastopexy altogether. The Bellesoma breast lift method is providing women with the benefits of a breast lift without the embarrassing scar and without the need for implants. Dr. Horndeski uses your own natural breast tissue and reshapes each breast and attaches it to the chest muscle directly. This process will immediately help remove some of the strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Your breasts will have excellent natural support and will once again look youthful, firmer, and have a nice round shape. View excellent results here in our before and after gallery.

So why not trust the delicate needs of your breasts to the breast doctor in the Houston Texas area? Dr. Horndeski MD is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has been specializing in non-traditional techniques and delivering exceptional results to his patients for many years. Choose the Bellesoma method for the long-term results in your breast lift. Call us today and schedule your personal consultation at (281) 903-5470. We are conveniently located near you at 14887 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478. We serve patients from Sugar Land TX, Missouri City TX, Dewalt TX, Booth TX, Aliana TX, and Crabb TX. 




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