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Standard Breast Lift Vs. Bellesoma Lift in Sugar Land, TX

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Standard Breast Lift Vs. Bellesoma Lift in Sugar Land, Texas

When you decide that a breast lift is the right cosmetic procedure to address your aesthetic concerns, you deserve to find an experienced surgeon who will provide you with appropriate options. Dr. Gary Horndeski’s plastic surgery practice offers exceptional choice for patients seeking to improve the look of their breasts without some of the drawbacks of a traditional breast lift, so you can enjoy a renewed appearance without vertical scarring. We are proud to offer the Bellesoma Method as an exceptional procedure for our patients in Sugar Land, TX, so they can reveal younger looking breasts and enjoy the improved confidence that comes with them.

How does the Bellesoma Method work?

The Bellesoma Method offers exceptional results by repositioning and reshaping breast tissue, so that it sits higher up on the chest wall. This is notedly different from traditional breast lift procedures where skin tightening techniques are the primary force behind the lifting effect. The results that can be garnered from a Bellesoma treatment are often more complete and can be achieved without many of the most common disadvantages of more traditional surgical techniques. A Bellesoma lift can also help reduce pain or discomfort associated with sagging of the breasts, allowing women to enjoy improved self-esteem as well as better comfort in their daily lives. Women whose breasts have caused shoulder, neck, or back pain can benefit greatly from a Bellesoma lift procedure.

Is there scarring with a Bellesoma breast lift?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a method of breast lift that does not include any incision or resulting scar. However, the Bellesoma Method does not result in the unsightly vertical scars that traditional breast lifts leave behind. The Bellesoma lift uses a woman’s natural breast tissue to create fullness in the upper portion of the breast without the use of implants or other material. The Bellesoma Method also provides long-term stability by using the patient’s chest muscle as the support for each reshaped breast. Because implants are not used during a Bellesoma lift procedure, there is no risk of exacerbating the sagging of breasts over time, so you can maintain the results of your procedure longer.

Who is a good candidate for a breast lift procedure?

Women who are interested in improving the shape and position of their breasts without adding volume or weight are best suited to a breast lift procedure. In the past, women who may have only needed a breast lift have opted for an augmentation surgery in order to avoid the vertical scarring typically associated with a lift procedure. With the Bellesoma Method, you can enjoy improved positioning and shape without additional weight or vertical scars. The Bellesoma lift is available for women from age 17-71 and can address the needs of most women seeking to improve the look of their breasts.

If you live in the Sugar Land, TX area and you are interested in discussing the Bellesoma breast lift with an experienced plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Gary Horndeski’s office today to schedule a personal consultation. Dr. Horndeski and his dedicated and highly skilled team will help you decide whether a breast lift procedure will address your concerns, so you can enjoy an improved appearance with a safe and simple cosmetic procedure. We truly believe that the Bellesoma Method offers exceptional benefits for women seeking to improve the appearance of the breasts without ugly vertical scarring and are proud to offer this incredible cosmetic procedure to our patients.




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