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Breast Reduction Doctor Questions and Answers

Women often choose a breast reduction to alleviate chronic pain, find clothing that fits, avoid unwanted attention and improve their overall self-esteem. Talk to the breast reduction plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Horndeski MD. He is the creator of the bellesoma method and will make sure that you are comfortable in your skin. For more information, call us today.

Breast Reduction Doctor Near Me in Sugar Land, TX

Have you spent years struggling to find the bra size that fits, or clothing that fits your top torso? Are you among the many women who deal with constant discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and back? Has the large size of your breasts been a contributing factor in feelings of embarrassment or low self-esteem? If you are answering yes to any of these questions, then why not consider a breast reduction from one the breast reduction doctors here in Sugar Land, Texas? You read correctly. Right here in Houston we have one of the breast reduction doctors, Dr. Gary Horndeski MD, who has been providing women like you with exceptional results from his Bellasoma breast reduction methods. See the excellent results here in our before and after gallery.

When might a breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) be the right choice for you?

Women all over the world are suffering from complications directly related to disproportionately large breasts. Are you one of them? A breast reduction procedure could be the welcomed relief you have been looking for. Large breasts can leave you suffering with chronic pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and at times even cause pain in the nerves. For some women, this type of chronic pain requires them to take pain medication regularly. Others experience discomfort under their breasts from a persistent rash and skin irritations. It can be frustrating to deal with the restrictions in your activity level that large breasts impose on you. Another factor to take into consideration is the effect that this can have on how you view yourself, or feel that others view you. Often women who have large breasts struggle with feelings of low self-esteem and are very self-conscious about their physical appearance. But this does not have to be you! Dr. Gary Horndeski is here to provide relief from chronic pain and to give you back the self-esteem you deserve.

What benefits could I expect from the Bellasoma breast reduction method?

Patients of Dr. Gary Horndeski MD are experiencing outstanding results and benefits from the specialized Bellasoma breast reduction procedure. Dr. Horndeski is well-known as one of the breast reduction plastic surgeons. He has used his years of medical knowledge and experience to create the Bellasoma Method. Unlike traditional plastic surgery techniques that leave you with embarrassing vertical scarring, the Bellasoma Method provides relief of strain on the breasts without unsightly scars. Dr. Horndeski’s methods involves removing excess fat and tissue in the breasts and then transferring weight from your breasts to your chest muscle. Not only do patients experience immediate pain relief, but also benefit from the long-lasting effects of the procedure. The internal suspension your breasts now have will leave them looking beautiful, firm, properly proportioned, shaped, and well supported. Sutures in the areola area will heal and you will not have the unsightly vertical scars. You can start feeling better about your physical appearance and self-esteem right away.

Why trust Dr. Horndeski with the delicate needs of my breasts?

Dr. Horndeski has more than 30 years of experience in the medical field and has been delivering exceptional results to patients using the Bellesoma Method for many years. Women of all ages, and breast sizes, are loving the results of this non-traditional procedure. He, and his medical team, are committed to helping each patient feel good about who they are by helping them achieve their personal appearance goals. The entire medical staff at Horndeski M.D. is here to make sure that you feel good, and comfortable, in your own skin. Don’t trust just any plastic surgeon with the sensitive needs related to your breasts and physical appearance. Call us today and find out how you can alleviate chronic pain, avoid unwanted attention and improve your overall self-esteem. Call (281) 903-5470. We serve patients from Sugar Land TX, Missouri City TX, Dewalt TX, Booth TX, Aliana TX, and Crabb TX. 




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