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FAQ’S About Bellesoma Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation & Breast Reduction at Horndeski, MD in Sugar Land TX

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What is the Bellesoma Method™?

The Bellesoma Method is a surgical procedure based on engineering and mathematical principles to lift or reduce the breast. This technique is designed to reshape and reposition the breast higher on the chest wall resulting in a youthful and perky appearance without many of the disadvantages found with the traditional techniques.

What are the differences and benefits of the Bellesoma Method breast lift/reduction compared to the traditional techniques?

The Bellesoma Method does not produce visible vertical scars which many women find unacceptable. The Bellesoma Method transfers the weight of the breast to the chest muscle, versus the breast’s skin envelope, resulting in relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain. Additionally, the chest muscle acts as the support for the breast, providing longer term stability for the lift or reduction. Lastly, an exciting benefit of the Bellesoma Method is that it uses a woman’s own breast tissue to reshape and reposition the breast creating a youthful and perky appearance without the need for implants.

My plastic surgeon says that the Bellesoma Method is a “marketing gimmick” – is this true?

We understand that innovation and change within plastic surgery can be met with skepticism. While we are sure your plastic surgeon means well, if you hear this, you may ask if they have actually seen a demonstration of our technology. Unfortunately, some surgeons have looked at our site and jumped to conclusions about Bellesoma (and even questioned the results) without really learning about it. Candidly, the information in our site is designed for consumers, not doctors. If your surgeon says this, you may encourage him/her to request a demonstration of our technology before passing judgment. Lastly, we believe our results speak for themselves and encourage consumers to read reviews from actual patients on sites like realself.

How long has this procedure been in practice and how many women has it been performed on?

The Bellesoma Method has been performed since 2010. Like any other innovation, there of course have been improvements over time and we can now accommodate women of most breast sizes. We are proud to say that over 600 women from around the world have had this procedure.

How do women decide on a breast augmentation or a lift?

Augmentation is a question of size. If you already like how your breasts look in a bra, but not the appearance out of one, then a lift is in order – not augmentation. If you desire to have more size when in a bra, then an augmentation (potentially with a lift) is recommended. We have found that some women sought out implants to improve the appearance of their breasts simply because they did not want to have the vertical scars associated with a lift. Unfortunately, the additional weight of the implants will actually exacerbate the ptotis (sagging) over time. Fortunately, with the Bellesoma Method, women do not have to make such a tradeoff anymore.

Who is a candidate for the Bellesoma Method?

The Bellesoma Method has been performed on women ranging from ages 17 to 71. This procedure has evolved to accommodate many breast sizes who are seeking to improve their appearance, self confidence or relief from pain associated with large breasts. We would, of course, need to review your medical history to confirm that there are no contraindications. This would be done during the free consultation that is provided for all potential patients.

How is the breast surgery industry changing?

While the largest number of breast surgeries are augmentations, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 132,000 breast lifts and reductions were performed in the U.S. in 2017. Since 2000, the number of breast lifts have increased by almost 350% while the number of breast reduction procedures has remained relatively the same. We believe that with our improvements in both of these procedures that even more women will benefit because the tradeoffs are much more limited than with older/traditional methods.

Do I have to travel to Sugar Land to get the Bellesoma Method or will it be available in my city?

The Bellesoma Method is expanding across the country and may be in your local area – check out If not, we have had women travel to our office from across the US and almost every other continent in the world. Thus, we are very experienced in helping patients who are traveling to Sugar Land to have this procedure performed. For planning purposes, expect to spend 5-6 days in Sugar Land. Please contact our office at 281-565-8099 and our staff would be happy to assist you with the details of our fly in program. If there is not a Bellesoma doctor in your area and you can’t travel to Sugar Land, ask your local plastic surgeon to inquire about getting trained in Bellesoma.

Can I have multiple procedures done at once?

Absolutely. Many women take advantage of the efficiency in surgical costs and recovery time to have additional procedures performed in combination with a breast lift or reduction. Dr. Horndeski’s skill, attention to detail and unique approach to surgery makes a tummy tuck, lip lift, face lift, liposuction, etc. a very common decision to make in conjunction with breast surgery,




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