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Tummy Tuck Doctor Questions and Answers

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Tummy Tuck Doctor Near Me in Sugarland, TX

The stomach area is one of the most common areas of aesthetic concern for men and women of all ages. It can often feel that no matter how well you eat or how many abdominal exercises you complete, this part of the body is simply not easily sculpted to our liking. For decades, abdominoplasty surgery, colloquially known as a “tummy tuck,” has helped millions of people enjoy a smoother, flatter tummy area that helps them feel confident in every outfit. We are proud to offer patients in the Sugar Land, TX area access to this life-changing cosmetic surgery procedure.

What is the difference between liposuction and a tummy tuck?

While both of these procedures offer transformative results for millions of people, there are some key differences that should inform your treatment decisions. Liposuction will remove unwanted fat, but will not address excess skin in the way that a tummy tuck can. This means that liposuction can be a great treatment option for patients with a flat abdominal wall and good skin tone. A tummy tuck can address a wider range of abdominal concerns by removing fat as well as excess skin, so you enjoy a much tighter, firmer waistline. Your surgeon will sculpt any remaining fat to create a beautiful contour in the abdominal area.

How long is the recovery for a tummy tuck?

Recovery from your tummy tuck procedure will happen in stages. For the first 2-3 weeks following your operation, you will likely experience a fair amount of discomfort and will be required to reduce your activity significantly. Most patients will be able to gradually resume exercise after approximately 4-6 weeks. You can expect some residual swelling to remain in the abdominal area for up to several months after your surgery. While this may feel defeating, it is important to remember that once the swelling dissipates fully, you will be able to enjoy the exceptional results of your tummy tuck procedure for years afterward.

Can a tummy tuck help with stretch marks?

While it is not a guarantee, many patients will be able to reduce the number of stretch marks on their abdominal area with a tummy tuck. This may be especially helpful for women who have been pregnant. Your tummy tuck will remove a significant portion of the skin covering your lower stomach area, which can often include the skin where stretch marks are most common. If you are concerned about your stretch marks, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon during your consultation, so they can provide you with precise information regarding which marks may be removed during surgery. Tummy tuck procedures offer a great multi-faceted approach to your abdominal concerns. By providing fat reduction, improved skin tone, and even repair of damaged muscles as necessary, it can help you achieve a smoother, firmer midsection you can be proud of.

If you are tired of hiding behind your wardrobe and are interested in a cosmetic surgery procedure that will enhance your confidence and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a slimmer midsection. Dr. Gary Horndeski is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has proudly helped many patients in the Sugar Land, TX area improve their self-esteem and love the way they look in every outfit. Call today to schedule your personalized consultation. We serve patients from Sugar Land TX, Missouri City TX, Dewalt TX, Booth TX, Aliana TX, and Crabb TX.




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