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Tummy Tuck Procedure Near Houston, TX

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Tummy Tuck Procedure Sugar Land TX Near Houston TX

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) requires general anesthesia (asleep) and last from 2 to 3 hours. It is performed in the hospital and an overnight stay is required. Excess fat and skin are removed. The most important feature of the operation is tightening the supporting layer of the abdomen called the fascia. Fascia is the strength layer of the body that holds us together when muscles are not contracting. Many women believe that abdominoplasty tightens muscles, but actually it tightens the fascia. In some women, fascial repair is augmented with mesh to strengthen the wall. This is necessary in women with abdominal bulging, which frequently occurs after pregnancy. Abdominoplasty is a component of the Mommy Makeover. Patients are discharged the day after surgery when they are able to eat and urinate.

Dr. Horndeski has published his research on the topic of mesh reinforcement of the abdominal wall in tummy tucks. Click here to read.

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